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Who am I and WHY would I do this?

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My name is Tim Hewitt and about a year ago I was struggling with how to retire. I was 64, hugely in debt, and saw no way out of it. I was going to have to work another 10 years at least.

I found the answer and I've dug myself out of debt!

Now I want to help YOU do the same, and to jumpstart your online business with the most successful business model available today, at the lowest initial investment cost.

Starting with my exact business will get you up to speed quickly and painlessly, and isn't that what we all want?

Here's What You Will Get for FREE!

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My Marketing Funnel

My Exact Affiliate Marketing Funnel for the Business Builder Challenge, for FREE.  This has been split-tested and optimized for conversions!

This includes a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer inside the funnel you can use for ANY funnel and any product or service you offer.

You can use this same  business framework for ANY product or service, not just for the Business Builder Challenge.

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My Lead Magnet

A FREE eBook to give away to get people to give you their email address.  This is called a Lead Magnet. 

How To Start Your Online Business, is yours to re-brand and give away FREE.

I supply this in Word, Pages, RTF and Plain Text formats for you to turn into your own PDF with YOUR Affiliate Links inside. 

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My Email Chain

The FIRST 19 Emails in my Email Chain, where MOST of my actual sales come from, directly loaded into your email Auto Responder!

Marketing research shows that people need to see an offer a minimum of 7 Times before they are really interested enough to purchase.  

Most of my sales do NOT come straight out of my Funnel, they come from within my Email Chain several days after someone has gone through my funnel. This is a secret that no one else will tell you!

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Step by Step Instructions!

Once you load up the Funnel, there is a Step by Step set of instructions on a READ ME FIRST page on exactly how to set it up for YOUR business.

You don't need to struggle trying to connect A to B or hunt around to make the changes needed to get this work for you.

I walk you through every step in detail with images and text to guide you. 

What Do I Have To Do?

Just enter your First Name and Email Address in the form and smash that big green button!

Your link to clone my complete business will be immediately available. 

I'll send it to you in an email as well for reference.

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